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  • About Us
    The Burlington Northern System Federation (BURNOR) of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of
    Way Employes is a division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In October 2004,
    the rank and file members of the Brother of Maintenance of Way Employes (BMWE) voted by
    a 76% majority to join the Teamster Rail Conference. In doing so, the Teamsters Union now
    represents 42% of all unionized rail employees in the States.
    The BURNOR System Federation covers the former Northern Pacific, Great Northern, and
    Spokane, Seattle, and Portland Railroads as they existed prior to the 1970 merger that formed
    the original Burlington Northern Railroad. We also represent maintenance employees on the
    Montana Rail Link.
    Our System employs six System Officers: a General Chairman and a Vice Chairman/SecretaryTreasurer
    located in Minneapolis, and four Vice General Chairmen located across the system
    in Fargo, ND, Laurel, MT, Spokane, WA, and Castle Rock, WA. Officer jobs are all full-time
    positions and are subject to election every four years. Officers are elected by representative
    vote from the local lodges. There are also two administrative support positions in Minneapolis
    which are not subject to election.
    BURNOR has 30 local lodges located across the system. Each local has officers that are elected.
    The officer titled "Local Chairman" is comparable to what would be a shop steward in other
    Our goal is to maintain open communication between the members and the full-time officers
    of this organization. We fight for better working conditions, fair wages, safety in the
    workplace, job security, and benefits.
    To familiarize you with the BMWED, the services it provides, and the benefits available to you
    as a member, we are providing you with this packet of useful information. The System Officers
    look forward to assisting you in any way they can. Please feel free to contact any Officer with
    your questions or concerns.

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  • Burlington Northern System Federation

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