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  • MRL Tentative Agreement Reached - Ballots Mailed
    Updated On: Nov 01, 2019

    The Non-Operating Craft Unions and Montana Rail Link have reached tentative agreement on our long awaited contract covering wages, rules, and working conditions for the term January 1, 2017, to January 1, 2022.

    The tentative agreement is subject to ratification by the affected membership. Enclosed with the mailing  are:

    1) a summary of the terms of the tentative agreement;

    2)the tentative agreement documents;

    3) a ballot for you to cast your vote and a postage-paid return envelope.

    Every Union involved in the bargaining is unified in recommending ratification of the tentative agreement. While not a perfect product, it represents our best effort to achieve a fair result.
    Regardless of whether you vote for or against the tentative agreement, I urge you to read the enclosed material and VOTE! CAST AND RETURN YOUR BALLOT BY MONDAY, April 29,2019. Each Non-Operating Craft Union will conduct its own approval or ratification procedure. All of the involved Unions must ratify the tentative agreement for it to be signed and become effective. Each of the Unions have made a commitment to complete its ratification procedure on or before the week of April 29, 2019, which will allow us to notify MRL accordingly. And, if ratified, it will allow the bonus payments to be paid within 60 days.

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