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  • Electric Flash-Butt Welding Settlement
    Updated On: Jan 14, 2019

    It is with great pleasure that we finally are able to post the BMWED victory in our Electric Flashbutt Welding (EFB) dispute with BNSF it has finally been made ready for payment it will process last half  September for a paydate of 10/10. As you may recall, in November 2016 BNSF made the decision to ignore our 2009 EFB Agreement and bulletin the crews with only an Electric Flashbutt Welder and a Welder. The timeline and breakdown of what went on is attached in the letter that is being sent to your address if you are a claimant.  Please make sure to watch your paychecks to verify the claim payment has been properly made. We do hope you will take a minute to read the letter and see what all went on.  It is important especially for the younger members to understand the process. This was many members first time being involved in serving a 10 day notice to a railroad.


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